KoruIQ software is compatible with all databases. 

The name of the drug in the protocol of the patient, the dose to be prepared, the way the drug is administered ect. can be printed on a special barcode that includes the date of preparation and the personnel who prepared it, enabling the whole process to be recorded and tracked with the help of this barcode.

The process of drug preparation can be monitored instantaneously on the device. The next appointment of the patient with chemotherapy treatment can be adjusted automatically with software support.

With KoruluIQ, users can be defined in the system, preventing unauthorized personnel from using the device.
All medicines used can be saved in the system. In addition, the drug database can be continuously updated as new drug entry is possible.

The KoruluIQ software can be accessed via the web, where daily activity reports can be sent to interested parties. It is possible to access this information when prompted as the history is recorded on the software. This helps in the planning of prospective treatment.