With Volmetric Double Pump System, it allows two seperate transfere process with different values and high sensivity with 0.01mm adjustment option.

With Gravimetric 2 Steps Verification, it can verify each transfere value seperately with 0.1 gr sensivity and can test up to 100 times per minute.

With Integrated Touch Screen Computer, it allows all operation including reporting, data input ect. without need of an extra computer, screen or any other external device.

7’’ resistive type type touch screen located on front allows operator to work with gloves and has ‘’multi-touch’’ spesification. Without need of keyboard or Mouse, all operations can be done on screen.

With integrated barcode and tag printer, drug information, prepared dosage, drug administration protocol, personnel information ect. can be selected automatically or manually and can be saved or printed on the tag. Printed tag can be scanned to device and next operation can be started automatically according to the information on it.

Device has WIFI and WLAN and allows connection with other devices on the same web. It can be integrated hospital systems and allow data input from central station.

All transactions can be saved and stored and when needed, it’s possible to get detailed process reports in preferred file types such as pdf or Excel.

It is taken into the standby mode with the help of the button on the device and prevents unnecessary power consumption. With its 12v supply, it significantly limits energy consumption and thus avoids possible accidents.

The modular structure has been developed so that it can operate without additional equipment. In the environment where the device is installed, it is possible to operate it only by supplying energy. The device can be integrated with different hardware with USB input embedded in the main body.